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10 Hours Minimum Rest

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News About Flight Attendant Fatigue

Comment Period Ends for 10 Hours Rest; FAA Moves to Finalize and Implement

January 8, 2022 - Our 10 hours rest is moving forward again. The 60-day comment period closed on Monday, Jan 3rd. AFA and other unions provided one set of unified comments in order to streamline the process.

The comments debunk management’s argument about “significant costs”. We know that’s bull:

“There is no evidence of significant costs for implementation of the 10 hour irreducible rest rule. However, there is extensive evidence of the problems with the current safety loophole associated with Flight Attendant fatigue. These issues are only heightened in the wake of COVID-19 scheduling that has increased the duty time and reduced rest time, along with the stresses on the job including unruly, disruptive, and violent passenger events.” Read the full comments >

Flight Attendant fatigue is real. COVID has only exacerbated the safety gap with long duty days, short nights, and combative conditions on planes. The last month of operational issues makes clear we need rest NOW, and FAA needs to implement what Congress mandated with a near unanimous vote in 2018.

AFA Press Release