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American Eagle


We are glad to welcome you to the AFA Air Wisconsin website. On this website, you will find information related to our roles as aviation’s first responders.  There are other pages for each division within the organization – including MEC, LEC, Committee Pages, and so many others.

We encourage you to check out every page of our website, and learn a bit more about how AFA and the Flight Attendants of Air Wisconsin work together.  We encourage you to start your journey here – with a Welcome from AFA’s International President.

We are proud of our strong AFA-CWA heritage at Air Wisconsin. The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO is effective because Members like you make it work. AFA-CWA depends on the new ideas and creative energy of Members like you. Every Member has a chance to voice their opinions through a democratic process. Join your Local Council Officers and flying partners at the next Union meeting. It’s a great opportunity to meet one another, become familiar with our democratic system and improve our Union, working conditions, and future. Become an AFA activist to be an integral part of our continued success.

We encourage you to check out every page of this webpage – as it contains much information.  Click every link, look at every page – be informed.  

Fly safe,

Doris Millard
Air Wisconsin MEC President

Derric McDaniel 
Air Wisconsin MEC Vice President

Ruthanna Jenkins
Air Wisconsin MEC Secretary-Treasurer

Gadiel Israel
Air Wisconsin Local Executive Council 29 President