Union Committee’s


Committees serve a vital function to AFA. Committees are fueled by volunteers from our airline who have a specific interest in helping serve the Flight Attendants of Air Wisconsin Airlines.  Each committee serves a vital important role.

Below are the committees that we have at AFA – Air Wisconsin.  Each has a specific purpose, and is vital to our Union.  Committee descriptions are posted below.  If you have a willingness to serve on a committee, please fill out this form or email michael.bounds@arwafa.org.

Union Committee’s

If you are interested in learning more about each committee, click the committee title to be taken to each committee’s page where a detailed explanation / expectation and other detailed information is given.

Air Safety, Health and Security (ASHS) Committee – Coordinates write-ups on safety issues. Works with management representatives to ensure flight attendant safety in the workplace.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)/Professional Standards Committee – Provides information and assistance to flight attendants needing support on personal issues. Receives and acts upon information regarding the professional conduct of flight attendants.

Grievance Committee – Represents flight attendants in discipline and contract disputes.

Legislative Affairs Committee – Works on the State level to establish working relationships with senators and representatives to further the legislative interests of the flight attendants. Educates the flight attendants on the importance of legislative action.

Hotel Committee – Works with management representatives in establishing adequate hotels for layovers per the AFA-CWA contractual language, and monitors flight attendant write-ups of violations.

Uniform Committee – Works with management representatives to ensure contractual language is adhered to regarding flight attendant uniforms. Provides input and direction to any changes in uniform standards.

AFA-CWA Mobilizer – Works closely with the local officers and negotiating committee designee to inform membership of what leadership is doing on their behalf while in contract negotiations. Also acts as a membership resource providing effective communication between the LEC and the membership. Information is distributed while working flights, in crew lounges and on layovers.

Membership Committee – Maintains and coordinates accurate local council membership information with the AFA-CWA Membership Department at the International office.

Scheduling Committee – Provides input to and coordinates with the company scheduling department in reviewing the flight attendant schedules and contract legalities.

Reserve Committee – Serves as a liaison to all reserve flight attendants, representing their particular concerns and issues.

Communications Committee – Responsible for timely communications to the membership. Write, edit, produce, distribute local council news-letter, develops AFA-CWA website and e-mail news list.

Workers’ Compensation – Maintains and provides information to flight attendants regarding worker compensation claims and benefits.

Human Rights Committee – The AFA mission statement defines our core value: “To promote economic and social justice for all workers through education and action.”  Our commitment to equal treatment of all individuals, regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression is resolute.

Our gender, religion, race, and culture, and life experiences shape who we are and our set of values.  We are all products of our life experiences.

We have more in common than that which divides us.  It is incumbent upon us to build our solidarity around our common fight for decent pay, benefits, working conditions and respect on the job.  We need to celebrate and respect our diversity and build our power and blunt union buster tactics to divide us to which make us work more for less.

Different does not mean better or worse, inferior or superior.  Our diversity is our greatest strength.  When we support each other we also build our power and the ability to effect changes in our workplace and in our communities.