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New Training Documents Page Uploaded

A new “Training Documents” page has been created.  Here you will find various documents that the MEC has created and uploaded to this website.  In the future – will also be videos and other learning tools. 

This link will be updated continuously as more and more training material is updated.  Continue to check back often.

Click here to check out the ARW Pay Guide. 



Temporary Announcement & Service Standards –
Effective March 29, 2020

Please utilize the latest information regarding Inflight Service Standards as we navigate changes regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  This information is also available on CSS, or can be downloaded by clicking here for you take with you.


Coronavirus Outbreak Information (COVID-19)

Be sure to check out our information page regarding the Coronavirus Outbreak.  This page also includes documentation forms to fill out should you not have personal protective equipment – such as gloves, water, Sani – wipes, etc.

This page can be found here.

Fill out the informational form here if you don’t have gloves, running water, Sani – wipes, etc.

Fill out the form regarding  Flight Attendant COVID-19 Exposure here.

Welcome to the Air Wisconsin Association of Flight Attendants Homepage.

Dear Visitor – 

We are glad to welcome you to the Home Page for the Association of Flight Attendants – Air Wisconsin Airlines Flight Attendants.  In this website, you will find information related to our roles as aviation’s first responders.  There are other pages for each division within the organization – including MEC, LEC, Committee Pages, and so many others.

Should you have any questions regarding this website – please do not hesitate to contact the website custodian Ruthanna Jenkins at [email protected].

We encourage you to check out every page of our website, and learn a bit more about how AFA and the Flight Attendants of Air Wisconsin work together.  We encourage you to start your journey here – with a Welcome from AFA’s International President.

Welcome to the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO (AFA-CWA). You have joined the world’s largest Flight Attendant Union, representing 50,000 Flight Attendants at 19 carriers within the 700,000-Member strong Union, the Communications Workers of America. AFA-CWA Membership also entitles you to the benefits enjoyed by some 13 million working men and women who comprise the AFL-CIO.

Seeking a voice in their workplace, six visionary women founded AFA-CWA over 67 years ago. AFA’s first Contract, ratified in 1946, sought to establish hours of work, seniority rights, improve working conditions, set rates of compensation, and develop procedures for the orderly and fair settlement of workplace disputes. Today, AFA-CWA Contracts are the product of over 67 years of bargaining. We continually fight to preserve and improve our hard won job protections, work rules, benefits and retirement security.

AFA is your voice in the workplace and beyond. It is your participation that makes our Union a success. AFA maintains a broad-based legal staff to protect the gains won over the decades at the bargaining table; seeks improvements for our safety and health; testifies before Congress and maintains regular contact with lawmakers on issues directly affecting Flight Attendants’ working conditions; spreads AFA’s message through daily contact with the media; and maintains a peer referral network of counselors through its Employee Assistance Program.

Through the years, AFA has won substantial victories over discriminatory barriers which limited the professional lives of Flight Attendants. Today, men and women, married or single, with or without children, call this profession their own. Flight Attendants have earned respect and admiration through their dedicated service to the public and their proven record as safety professionals.

We are proud of our strong AFA-CWA heritage at Air Wisconsin. The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO is effective because Members like you make it work. AFA-CWA depends on the new ideas and creative energy of Members like you. Every Member has a chance to voice his or her opinions through a democratic process. Join your Local Council Officers and flying partners at the next Union meeting. It’s a great opportunity to meet one another, become familiar with our democratic system and improve our Union, working conditions, and future. Become an AFA activist to be an integral part of our continued success.

We encourage you to check out every page of this webpage – as it contains much information.  Click every link, look at every page – be informed.  If you have any suggestions on how to make this website any better – please email [email protected].

Welcome to the Skies!

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