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Flight Attendant and Labor Allies Rally to Bridge the Gap!

The AFA Executive Board and labor allies from the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO, United Mine Workers of America, and UNITE HERE! rallied in Washington, D.C. at the House of Labor to #BridgeTheGap for Flight Attendants and aviation workers at regional airlines. Flight Attendants at Air Wisconsin (United), PSA (American), and Endeavor (Delta) are currently in negotiations. 

“Flight Attendants at regional airlines serve as aviation’s first responders on American, United, Delta. They do the same work and care for the same passengers as mainline Delta, American, and United flights, but are compensated on average 45% less,” said Sara Nelson, AFA President. “It’s just not right and it’s certainly not fair. Airlines aren’t hurting, but many airline employees are. We’re fighting to fix that.”

Watch our very own President Ernie Lazernick state “For too long my fellow Flight Attendants have served our passengers with superior service to help Air Wisconsin profit millions of dollars only to receive an empty “thank you for a job well done.””  Enough is enough!  



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