Air Wisconsin AFA Leaders Represent Flight Attendants At 2019 Board of Directors Meeting In Denver, CO

The 47th Annual Board of Directors Meeting was held in Denver, CO this year on April 20.  This one – day budget only meeting focused on the current strategic initiatives of the Union.

Pictured here are your ARW – AFA MEC members (and guests), as well the AFA – CWA International Officers.

From left to right starting on the second row: Juli Biggar, LEC 29 (MKE) President; Jaime Martinez, LEC 03 (ORD) President; Mikaela Macanas, MEC Vice President; Kevin Creighan, AFA – CWA International Secretary; Peter Swanson, ARW Staff Attorney.

Pictured left to right on the front row: Guy Bosworth, AFA International Staff Representative; Deb Sutor, AFA – CWA International Vice President; Sara Nelson, AFA – CWA International President; Ernie Lazernick, MEC President & LEC 28 (IAD / CAE) President; Michael Bounds, MEC Secretary – Treasurer; and Derric McDaniel, LEC 03 (ORD) Vice President (Guest).