Master Executive Council


What is the Master Executive Council?

All Local Executive Councils within an airline form the Master Executive Council (MEC).  The MEC is responsible for coordinating the activities of AFA across an entire airline. Each LEC President sits on the MEC as the voting member for the members of the Local Council that they represent.

The LEC Presidents elect three officers to lead the MEC: a PresidentVice President, and Secretary-Treasurer.  These MEC Officers serve a three year term when elected.  They do not carry a vote on the MEC with the exception of the MEC President, who votes only to break a tie.

The Air Wisconsin MEC is in AFA election category I.  Specific election and term of office dates can be found on the MEC officer page.

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MEC Officers

      • President – Doris Millard
      • Vice President – Derric McDaniel
      • Secretary / Treasurer – Ruthanna Jenkins

How the MEC Operates


The MEC meets at least twice times per year in person at various locations to conduct the business of AFA at Air Wisconsin Airlines, in addition to regularly scheduled conference calls.  These meetings are generally not open to the membership at large.

If you have a question, concern, or item of business that you would like brought before the MEC, please contact your LEC President.

Policy and Procedure

View the AFA Constitution and Bylaws

Download the MEC Policy and Procedure Manual

Ultimately, AFA is governed by the AFA Constitution and Bylaws as adopted by the AFA Board of Directors.  The MEC has adopted a policy and procedure manual to address matters of business that the AFA Constitution and Bylaws do not.  The policy and procedure manual can be amended by a majority vote of the voting members of the MEC as needed.