MKE Officers

Term Began: July 1, 2020

Term Ends: June 30, 2023

AFA Election II Category

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LEC President Juli Biggar

      • Master Executive Council (MEC) Voting Member
      • AFA Board of Directors Member

Juli Biggar grew up in Appleton, WI and graduated from Xavier High School in 1980. She attended the University of WI, Stevens Point, Oshkosh and Madison where she studied Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance-Harp. Juli’s aviation career began in 1987 with Air Wisconsin and she has been based in RIC, ORD, ATW, DEN, ORF and is currently based in Milwaukee, WI.

She has served more than 10 years as an AFA rep for Council 29 and is in her fourth term as the Local Executive President for Council 29 as well serving on the Mobilization Committee.  She has also served as the MEC Grievance Chair for 3 1/2 years, was MEC President, and served on the following committees:  Negotiations, EAP and Legislative Affairs.  Juli has been a strong advocate and supporter for all Flight Attendants and their rights and has a thorough knowledge of the Contract. 

She has devoted countless hours helping Flight Attendants with contractual and disciplinary grievances, mobilization, EAP and assists Flight Attendants with anything she can. Juli currently resides in Appleton, WI. Her priority that takes up most of her time is her AFA union advocacy and when time permits, she enjoys playing her Concert Harp as a freelance Harpist. Harp gigs of significance include playing at the Boeing Air and Space Museum for the FOD International Conference and afternoon teas at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver.

“We pay $50 per month for AFA Union dues and our Contract with the Company.  I will fight for all Flight Attendants rights when the Company violates the Contractual agreement they signed with the Flight Attendants of Air Wisconsin.” ——Juli Biggar

Contact Information

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Phone – 757-513-1504  

LEC Vice President Mikaela Macanas

Mikaela Macanas grew up in Manila, Philippines before she moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2007. She attended Operation Brotherhood Montessori Center, Inc. an Italian education based private school in the Philippines until she moved to the United States. She attended First Coast High School from 2007-2009 and received awards for International Trade and Logistics Career, Professional Academy and Congressional Student Leadership.

She attended Florida State College in Jacksonville, FL to pursue a career as a Physical Therapy Assistant (A.S). Prior to becoming a Flight Attendant, Mikaela was a Customer Service Representative for Publix Supermarkets in 2010. After working for Publix for a few years, she decided to work for Brookdale Senior Living in 2015.

Mikaela joined the Air Wisconsin Airlines in 2016, and has been based in PHL, ORD, and now MKE. Mikaela was elected to become the MEC Vice President in 2019. She’s a hard working person, has good leadership skills, and supports our flight attendants.

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Phone – 904-651-9114  

LEC Secretary Sara Pitts  

Sara Pitts grew up in Jacksonville, FL and lived there for 10 years before moving to Neenah, WI.  After graduating from the Neenha High School in 2014 she worked at the Festival Foods Grocery Store for five years, where she started as a bagger and climbed the ladder to a customer service representative.

Sara started her career with Air Wisconsin on January 1, 2018 when she was based in ORD, before putting in her transfer to MKE.  


In her free time, Sara loves to play video games and hang out with her friends and watch the various streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc.

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Phone – 920-216-7851