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Air Safety, Health and Security

The AFA Air Safety, Health & Security Department is made up of expert staff who monitor and work with federal agencies and regulatory bodies like the Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security, and the National Transportation Safety Board.  ASHSD’s work ranges from ensuring that Flight Attendants can report safety incidents in a non – punitive environment to working on accident investigation teams.  As the designated representative of the International Transportation Workers Federation, AFA also represents safety, health and security interests of Flight Attendants before the World Health Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

AFA Air Safety, Health & Security experts provide ongoing training an support to more than 100 AFA Safety Committee chairs and members at 19 airlines.

AFA Government Affairs Department

AFA Government Affairs lobbies members of Congress, provides lobbying information AFA Members and organizes grassroots member activism around the issues the matter most to Flight Attendants.  AFA is frequently invited to provide expert advice on Flight Attendant issues and give testimony on behalf of our members in congressional hearings.  The AFA Government Affairs Department and our extensive network of Flight Attendant activists influence decisions made at the highest levels of government that directly impact our profession.

When AFA successfully shepherds a Flight Attendant issue through the legislative process until it is enacted into law, we can take it off the negotiating table and use our leverage to obtain other contractual gains.

AFA Legal Department

The AFA Legal Department works to enforce and protect the rights of Flight Attendants.  Our twelve highly experienced in – house attorneys are solely focused on the contractual and legal rights of our Flight Attendant members.  AFA attorneys fight to enforce Flight Attendants’ rights in court under federal law, and provide legal, strategic and policy advice at all levels of our union, from industry – wide legal and bargaining strategy to the latest legislative regulatory policy initiatives, all with the exclusive goal of enhancing the Flight Attendant profession.

Through grievances and mediation, AFA attorneys ensure that the language in our contracts is applied as was intended in negotiations.

AFA Communications Department

The AFA-CWA Communications Department encompasses the union’s internal and external communications, website maintenance, message development, and strategic and organizing campaigns. AFA Communications distributes a variety of print and electronic publications to keep AFA members and leaders informed about the issues that impact our union and our profession. They produce campaign support materials such as buttons and bag tags; provide support to our Local Executive Councils (LECs) and Master Executive Councils (MECs) for their websites, editorial needs, online publishing, print publishing and media engagement; and work to keep the national press and major media informed about issues important to Flight Attendants.

AFA Employee Assistance Program

The AFA Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a resource for resolving problems through an international network of over 200 professionally-trained, peer support volunteer Flight Attendants overseen by mental health professionals. AFA EAP assists members in accessing appropriate medical help around mental health issues involving family crises, work-related trauma and chemical imbalance, as well as conflict resolution services and response to critical incidents.

Since 1980, AFA EAP has received numerous awards for our confidential support services to Flight Attendants, their families and partners, including the President’s Volunteer Action Award Citation for recognition of outstanding work, awarded by former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Today, AFA EAP is one of the largest union-sponsored member assistance programs in the industry. Other unions and associations often seek to model their programs on what AFA has so successfully implemented.

AFA – CWA Membership Services Department

The AFA Membership Services Department provides the logistical foundation and starting point for the range of services that AFA provides to its members. Membership Services staff process all membership applications and dues; maintain the membership database including leaves, attrition reports, and status updates from airlines; administer balloting in all regular and special officer elections, contract ratification and strike votes; and handle various duties related to the annual AFA Board of Directors.

The ability of AFA Membership Services to evolve with changing technologies and the evolving needs of our union creates continual efficiencies that benefit all of the work that we do.

We are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm ET. The office is closed for all major holidays.

AFA Collective Bargaining

Professional negotiators in the AFA Collective Bargaining Department are focused on obtaining the best Flight Attendant contracts in the industry. They assist each elected AFA Flight Attendant negotiating committee with contract negotiations every step of the way. With more than 100 years of combined negotiating experience, AFA’s professional negotiators are able to leverage that experience in contract negotiations for Flight Attendants.

Keeping the focus on what Flight Attendants want is the key to successful negotiations. The Flight Attendant Negotiating Committee works hand-in-hand with professional negotiators every step of the way. The professional negotiators provide strategic advice and contract language expertise and the committee provides the hands-on experience to make sure the contract meets the needs of the Flight Attendants. Together, they negotiate the best wages, benefits and work rules – the best possible contract tailored to the unique needs of Flight Attendants at each AFA represented airline.


It is a core value of AFA-CWA to promote economic and social justice for all workers through education and action. Leadership development and member education and activism continue to be a priority of AFA-CWA. We are committed to building and promoting member engagement.

Leadership and learning are two halves of a whole and are vital to each other.  AFA-CWA has developed an Online Learning Academy designed to broaden opportunities for training and education. Course content can be accessed using electronic devices such as computers, tablets or phones allowing AFA-CWA to reach out to both leaders and members using a supplemental educational setting outside that of a traditional classroom.

LEC 03 Committee Chairs

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LEC CommitteeLEC Committee ChairPhone Number
LEC 03 PresidentJaime Martinez616-378-0267
LEC 03 Vice PresidentDerric McDaniel720-207-4944
LEC 03 SecretaryMichael Bounds757-770-8397
Air Safety, Health and SecurityJaime Martinez616-378-0267
BenefitsLeah Krier919-357-3575
EAP / Professional StandardsJaime Martinez616-378-0267
GrievanceDoris Millard720-418-0111
HotelWendell Hargrove773-759-9915
Human RightsGatsha Conco 202-770-9043
Legislative AffairsLeah Krier919-357-3575
MobilizationJackie Schmidt920-205-0709
SchedulingDerric McDaniel720-207-4944
UniformLauren Weeks501-317-5433