Local Executive Councils

No one knows your job and your issues like other Flight Attendants.  That’s why we believe in uniting in one focused exclusively on Flight Attendants.  We are a union of Flight Attendants, by Flight Attendants and for Flight Attendants.

In AFA, the Local Councils are the seat of power, where the union concentrates its resources.  AFA knows your issues and works hard every day to promote the best standards for ALL Flight Attendants.  AFA keeps our union where it belongs, in the hands of AFA members.

Flight Attendants hold every elected position.  AFA’s three international officers are current Flight Attendants: International President Sara Nelson is a United Flight Attendant, International Vice President Debora Sutor is an Envoy Air Flight Attendant and Secretary – Treasurer Kevin Creighan is a United Flight Attendant.  The local leaders of the union, directly elected by AFA members in the same domicile or base, make up the highest governing bodies of the union.

Our union is organized to represent Flight Attendants only, autonomous on policy and directs 100 percent of our dues money to the issues that are important to Flight Attendants.  We have the full support of the 700,000 – member Communications Workers of America, and the millions of workers who join together through the AFL – CIO.

We encourage every Flight Attendant to become involved, to raise your voice and be an activist.  Run for office.  Tell us what you think.  Your voice will resonate.  In AFA, every Flight Attendant’s voice counts.

AFA was the first professional organization to represent Flight Attendants, and it has grown with the passion and experience of its members, some 50,000 Flight Attendants at more than 18 airlines.  Together we are better – a strong voice for our profession.

What is a Local Council?

Each Local Council is made up of the member Flight Attendants within a given domicile.  In the case of a new or smaller domiciles where the number of active members does not meet the constitutional threshold, multiple domiciles may be grouped together into one Local Council for purposes of representation.

Each Local Council is led by an elected Local Executive Council (LEC).  These Local Executive Council Officers consist of a President, Vice President, and Secretary.  In larger Local Councils, additional officer positions called Council Representatives may also be elected to the LEC.  The officers within each Local Council are nominated and elected directly by the membership to concurrent three year terms.

Find Your Local Council by Base:

Council 03 – Chicago O’Hare

Council 28 – Washington D.C. (Dulles) / Columbia, SC (CAE)

Council 29 – Milwaukee, WI