Grievance Committee

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What Does This Committee Do?

The Grievance Committee’s primary responsibility is the protection of all Flight Attendants against arbitrary and unjust disciplinary action and to uphold the collective bargaining agreement.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Enforce the contract
  • Represent all Flight Attendants when unjust discipline is issued
  • Collect evidence and establish that the alleged violation has occurred. Solicit documentation as needed.
  • Clearly explain the union’s position concerning a grievance
  • Frankly explain to a grievant when there is little or no chance of winning a grievance
  • Ensure that time limits are met for filing
  • File grievances
  • Handle initial grievance hearings; report the results to the LEC Officers and the grievant
  • Keep complete files on assigned cases
  • Assist union attorneys in preparing grievances for System Board
  • Keep the grievant informed about the processing of his/her grievance
  • Review material, handle correspondence, and keep the LEC Officers well informed of current grievance developments
  • Communicate regularly with the membership about decisions on local grievances—promote wins and explain ramifications of a loss
  • Write grievance articles for local membership communications upon request by the LEC Officers

Why Would I Contact This Committee?

The Grievance Committee is available to help you with:

  • Guidance and assistance in situations where contractual violations have occurred


  • Representation in disciplinary meetings and hearings and any other meetings with management that you would like AFA representation for

Who Do I Contact?

If you have been subject to a situation that you believe might warrant filing a grievance, it is recommended that you report the issue through the Request for Grievance Form.  When filing a report, the questionnaire will help you to determine whether your situation meets the qualifications of filing a grievance.  Members of the Grievance Committee review each report and follow up with the Flight Attendant to help determine options and a course of action.

General Assistance

For assistance, contact any member of your Local Grievance Committee.  You can find a list of Committee Members on your Local Council’s page.  For your convenience, a list of local Grievance Committee Representatives are listed below.

MKE Grievance Committee Member

Juli Biggar

ORD Grievance Committee Member

Michael Bounds

Grievance Committee Chair

Juli Biggar


AFA International Legal Department

What’s a Grievance?  What’s a Gripe?