Union Forms

Note – To complete a form, please click the form’s title to be taken to the online form.

Committee Forms

Commitment to Serve Form

This form needs to be filled out for all AFA volunteers.  This form lays out your commitment and expectations to serve in your position with Air Wisconsin AFA.

Volunteer Application

Would you like to volunteer with AFA?  Please complete this form so that a member of the AFA team can contact you.

Grievance Forms

Request for Grievance Filing

Do you feel that your contract has been violated?  Do you have a grievance that you wish to file?  Please complete this form so that a member of our grievance committee can work on gathering the facts and preparing the case for your grievance.

Membership Forms

Address Change

Has your address changed?  Did you notify AFA?  If you have a recent change of address – please use this form to complete a status update change for the AFA membership department.

Dues Check Off

This form is part of the initial paperwork that you fill out when you become a member of AFA.  It authorizes the company to deduct your monthly dues payment from your payroll checks.

Membership Application

Are you a new AFA member?  Have you filled out a membership application?  If not, click the link above to become an official member of AFA.

Scheduling Forms

Draft / Reroute Form

The Flight Attendant Reroute Form is to be used for those people who have been rerouted by the Crew Services Department.  Please fill out the form in it’s entirety so that a member of the scheduling team / grievance team can look at reroutes, and data can be compiled to bring up scheduling discrepancies.

Scheduling Feedback

Do you have an issue with your schedule?  Do you need a member of the scheduling committee to look at something that happened to ensure appropriate contact enforcement?  Fill out this form and provide details of what happened.