EAP News

2018 Mid – Year Update

The picture above is a picture of the 2018 AFA MEC Chair Training group in Jacksonville, FL.  I recently returned from a 4 day training event. Yearly we go to different Recovery Centers that are approved for our Flight attendants. This year our event was sponsored by Lakeview Health Addiction Treatment and Recovery.  And when I say sponsored I mean they pay for our hotel stay and meals for the complete training event.  So AFA money is not spent on these training events, we are allowed $250 for travel that is paid for by International but I was able to non-rev with no issues into JAX.

This years training was Taming Disruptive Behavior and Professional Boundries by Dr. Phil Hemphill who is a author and the Chief Clinical Officer of Lakeview.  We also had Dr. Earl Suttle Ph.D who is a motivational keynote speaker and business consultant, Dr Earls training was on How to Reach your Full Potential and was truly inspiring and left you with a total FEELING GOOD about life after his program.

Our last day consists of Chair Roundtable, which we speak about what is happening within our airlines and EAP issues we might be having.  Some areas that I would like to see happen with our EAP and it was recommended that we attend Newhire training classes with our chairman that attend as EAP is available to all newhires, as coming out of trainng can be a stressful event.  The FADAP conference is coming up in Baltimore, MD and we will have several Air Wisconsin AFA members in attendance.

These yearly MEC EAP Training sessions get me so pumped up to do so much with EAP.  I look forward to continuing my work with the EAP department.

~ Michelle Woods