AFA Volunteers

Our union was built through the passionate work of volunteers.  We continue to rely on our dedicated volunteer Committee Members to support our fellow Flight Attendants throughout AFA.  If you’re ready to get involved and help to make a difference, read on.

Volunteer Qualifications

All volunteers must meet the following minimum qualifications:

      • Completed at least 7 full calendar months of employment
      • Member in good standing status (Dues Current)
      • Member of the Local Council where you wish to serve
      • Willingness to serve fellow Flight Attendants on a volunteer basis

Our Different Committees

Each committee has a different mission and program of work that helps to support our Flight Attendants.  Below are the duties and responsibilities of each.  Take a few moments to review each one and determine which one best fit your interests and talents.  Even if at first glance a particular committee doesn’t seem to fit your skills, know that training is available and provided to ensure that you’ll be successful on matter your role.

      • Air Safety, Health & Security Committee (ASHSC) Member
      • Benefits Committee Member
      • Communications Committee Member
      • Employee Assistance (EAP) / Professional Standards Committee Member
      • Government Affairs Committee Member
      • Grievance Committee Member
      • Hotel Committee Member
      • Human Rights Committee Member
      • Mobilization Volunteer *
      • Reserve Committee Member
      • Scheduling Committee Member
      • Uniform Committee Member

Note – Only active during contract negotiations

Committee Leadership Roles

Making a Commitment

All AFA volunteers are asked to sign a Commitment to Serve Form, which provides an outline of what’s expected of volunteers and what volunteers can expect from our AFA leaders.  You can preview the form by clicking here.

Ready to Get Involved?

Contact your LEC President for information on the involvement opportunities within your Local Council.